Welcome to Tropiculture, our quenching excursion into the world of dense, delicious juice. Join us as we indulge our fascinations with all things sweet and sticky, and conjure sun-soaked fantasies along the way. Whether happiness is blue skies, sandy shores, or crisp ocean breezes, Tropiculture is an ever-evolving series of succulent beers that will transport you to temperate tranquility.

Jaboticaba Juicy

Tropiculture’s 4th outing finds us in the fertile forests of South America, reveling in the unrelenting juiciness of the jaboticaba tree’s curious fruit. Quenching grape and berry notes wash over the palate, while bright hoppy hints of pine and citrus provide balance to the jammy jaboticaba. A mellow malt profile complements this one-of-a-kind kicker of a fruited India Pale Ale. Trip into the trees with the fascinating flavor of our Jaboticaba Juicy IPA.

ABV:  6.6%

Pineapple Juicy

Our 3rd edition of Tropiculture brings one of the juiciest fruits out there to your glass, as we squeeze delicious pineapple into this scrumptious India Pale Ale. Easy-going, citrus-forward hop bitterness and a moderate malt backbone enhance undeniably lush pineapple notes, resulting in a captivating crush of a beer. A personal island oasis for whichever turf you’re sipping it on, our Pineapple Juicy IPA is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

ABV:  6.7%

Mango Juicy

Join us for our second edition of Tropiculture, our quenching excursion into the world of dense, delicious juice. This time our adventures lead us to our exotic and enthralling Mango Juicy IPA. One of the most iconic juicy fruits, exquisite mango melds fascinatingly with citrus notes and mellow pine bitterness in this lush libation. Peel one open and taste the tropics.

ABV:  7%

Peach Juicy

Our Peach Juicy IPA sets the focus squarely on sweet fruit nectar. Both delicate and sumptuous, euphoric peach notes intertwine with a hop profile that emphasizes bright citrus and melon notes. Immerse yourself in the juice.

ABV:  8.3%