As we strive towards new frontiers, our Americana series celebrates and revels in that spirit of craft innovation.

Burning Man SWIPA

Southwest IPA

Our sojourn starts with an IPA that leaves convention in the dust and run-of-the-mill beer in flames. Decisively drinkable, Burning Man SW IPA boasts floral, citrus, and stone fruit characteristics from Amarillo and El Dorado hops. We then carefully nuanced the beer with agave and hatch chiles, further conjuring mellow arid sandscapes and heat. It’s all-fired tasty.

ABV:  8.2%

German Chocolate Cake

Coconut Pecan Stout

Follow the trail of empty beer cans and you may happen to stumble upon brewers camped around a gigantic brandy foeder, patiently waiting for German Chocolate Cake, a Coconut Pecan Stout to finish. Chocolate, Pecans, and Coconut brewed to sweet perfection and finished in our new wooden feoders.

ABV:  5.1%