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As we strive towards new frontiers, our Americana series celebrates and revels in that spirit of craft innovation.

Ren Faire

Heather Ale

Tally ho! Knight pun. Sly use of “olde” instead of “old.” Huzzah!
Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about our new seasonal ale, Ren Faire. It’s a light, lilting wash on the palate, with honey sweetness and delicate notes of heather. A part of our Americana series, this festive libation may accompany a relaxed night by the hearth, or inspire gallant adventures to grace the history books. Have a jolly olde time.

ABV:  8%

German Chocolate Cake

Coconut Pecan Stout

Chocolate, pecans, and coconut brewed to sweet perfection - that's what we've achieved with this robust, velvety stout. Inspired by the decadent dessert, our German Chocolate Cake Stout makes for the perfect Fall nightcap.

ABV:  ABV: 5.1%

Our Pinch of Salt gose series sees us embark on a briny sea, compass set towards tasty adventures.

Salted Caramel Gose

Never to be anchored by trends, we’ve thrown convention to the breeze by pairing the natural tartness and salinity of the gose with delectable caramel sweetness. Take a trip on your palate with this enchanting seasonal offering.

ABV:  4.5%

Lemon Chiffon Gose

Fragrant, refreshing lemon and light, sweet chiffon rousingly complement the tartness and salinity that define the classic gose. The result is invigorating and sure to steer your palate towards decadent euphoria.

ABV:  4.5%

Welcome to Tropiculture, our quenching excursion into the world of dense, delicious juice. Join us as we indulge our fascinations with all things sweet and sticky, and conjure sun-soaked fantasies along the way. Whether happiness is blue skies, sandy shores, or crisp ocean breezes, Tropiculture is an ever-evolving series of succulent beers that will transport you to temperate tranquility.

Mango Juicy

Join us for our second edition of Tropiculture, our quenching excursion into the world of dense, delicious juice. This time our adventures lead us to our exotic and enthralling Mango Juicy IPA. One of the most iconic juicy fruits, exquisite mango melds fascinatingly with citrus notes and mellow pine bitterness in this lush libation. Peel one open and taste the tropics.

ABV:  7%

Peach Juicy

Our Peach Juicy IPA sets the focus squarely on sweet fruit nectar. Both delicate and sumptuous, euphoric peach notes intertwine with a hop profile that emphasizes bright citrus and melon notes. Immerse yourself in the juice.

ABV:  8.3%