At D9 Brewing, we're bringing some of our small friends to the scientific foreground. We start this process by gathering select fruits and flowers, extracting yeast and bacteria from them and then examining the microflora to identify desired qualities. Once we’ve tested these micro-beasties for tastiness, we research their favorite environments and design beers that are specially customized to their unique needs and properties.

Twisted Hero

Sour Ale Brewed with Aged Hops

What fun is a hero without a few unexpected surprises? A few unconventional traits that ultimately delight and redeem? Enter Twisted Hero - a unique aged hop sour that rounds out our 2019 Wild Things series. As the zap! of our specialized sour culture smacks your senses to life, from out of nowhere the complex bitterness of our aged hop mixture treats your taste buds to a kapow! of bold and daring proportions. This one-two punch of unorthodox zing! defeats dull and dated beer flavors in a triumph for truly unique tastiness. Viva the Twisted Hero!

ABV:  5%

Superstitious Pigeons

Sour Ale brewed with Peanut Butter and Raspberries

Why are pigeons superstitious? What would these witchy warblers do for a snack that is truly delicious, like, maybe, a PB&J? Ponder these important conundrums and more as you tuck into a glass of this liquid comfort. A playful part of our Wild Things series, this sour ale combines lip-smacking peanut butter with bright, tart raspberries, for one of America’s best-loved culinary combos. Don’t be afraid to indulge in this scrumptious treat, and, if you find that pigeons surround you and start behaving strangely, please: don’t feed the birds.

ABV:  5%

Kung Fu Rabbits

Sour ale brewed with Cherry Blossom flavor and Plums

Kick into Spring with this spry entry into our Wild Things sour series. A gentle wash of cherry blossom frisks gracefully with comforting plum notes in this deliciously mesmerizing ale. Pucker in awe as your tastebuds transform to fierce fighters, only to cool back down with soothing floral and fruit aromas and flavors. This delectable romp is sure to make your heart dance.

ABV:  5.1%

Le Peche Mode

Wild Sour Ale brewed with Peaches and Creme

Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm. Enjoy the silence.

ABV:  5.1%

Trash Panda

Wild Sour Ale with natural S'mores flavors

Find a seat next to the campfire as you pop the top of this s'more inspired sour ale. Brewed with chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker - each layer of the iconic fireside treat shining through balanced by our house sour culture. Join us for a trip on the wild side with Trash Panada.

ABV:  5.1%

Piggy Kisses

Wild Sour Ale brewed with Bacon and Dates

It's a well known fact that everything can be made better by the addition of bacon. Our brewers couldn't resist that meaty temptation and paired it with the dark, sticky sweet flabor of dates. This salty-sweet duo frolics across the palate with wild abandon, leaving behind a lip-smacking note of deliciousness. It's more than beer - it's Piggy Kisses.

ABV:  5.1%

Shamrock Shakes

Wild Sour Ale Brewed with Lemon Mint

Here's to me, here's to you, and here's to Shamrock Shakes! This is a delightfully lively lemon mint brew with a bevy of dancing floral notes and softly singing aromas that charm your senses. Guaranteed to inspire shenanigans, this enchanting ale is sure to rouse a heartly "Slainte!" from all who partake!

Strawberry Fields

Wild Sour Ale brewed with Strawberry Rhubarb and aged Balsamic Sea Salt

In our ever-evolving sojourns and searches for classic flavor pairings, we recently pinpointed one that was truly clasical. Tart, earthy rhubarb, first planted in 17th century Italy, mingles with balsamic-aged sea salt, and is complemented by the sumptuous juiciness of fresh strawberries. Delizioso!

Mousse de Maracujá

Wild Sour Ale brewed with natural flavors

Here at the D9 micro-beast lab, we've found that a little exploration can give way to infinte inspiration. To test this notion, we sent our Brewmaster packing - to Brazil. Mousse de Maracujá is the decadent result: a luscious, liquid rendition of the well-loved Barazilian dessert, that blasts the senses with tart, heady passionfruit and then soothes them with sweet cream.


Wild Sour Ale brewed with Bosc Pears and Pink Himalayan Salt

Pears and Salt may seem bewildering, but to the mischievous minds at work in the D9 labs it was sweet kismet. Pearadox commingles a literal ton of Bosc Pears with a pinch of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. The result is a lively, refreshing brew that leaves the drinker reveling in the bewilderment.