Defying Gravity represents an ongoing exploration and expansion of the universe of sour beer. Propelled by three distinct fermentations, these unblended ales defy gravity, and will transport your consciousness to a new reality.

Infinite Improbability

10th Edition

Consider: if the human palate was the vast void of space, what would it take to instantly guide the senses to an entirely different galaxy of flavor? Perhaps the answer lies in the marvelous and mysterious purple potato, itself resembling a strange, uncharted world. Our latest high-gravity head trip is a sour ale as exciting and experimental as interstellar travel, and it’s sure to transport you through a whimsical wormhole to deliciously flipped out flavors.

ABV:  14%

Kuiper Belt

9th Edition

As we traverse the furthest regions Of our high-gravity solar system, Our next mission sees us visiting a Deliciously mysterious combination: Molasses and lime. Sweet and earthy Molasses orbits harmoniously with Refreshing lime, dancing around the Palate in tantalizingly unexpected Ways. This delicate flavor pairing is Complemented gracefully by the Brightness of our sour ale, allowing The mind to pleasantly wander Between sips. Get really far out.

ABV:  14%


8th Edition

As our voyage through the deep unknown continues to take us to strange and wonderful territory, we strive to make beer that reflects that level of exploration. Vanilla and sassafrass create a pleasant, balanced flavor of earthy spice and subtle sweetness. Our base sour provides the perfect convoy to escort this high gravity brew across your palate. Defying Gravity: Voyager promises to take you on a journey that reaches bold heights of atmospheric bliss.

ABV:  14%


7th Edition

We have claculated the force of which an object, the juiciest pineapple, must be accelerated through delicate, exotic, coconut bitters, to achivev an orbital maneuver within your glass. The exhibited aromatic and flavor qualities have caused test subjects to experience deep levels of satisfaction, pleasant nostalgia for summery days and contemplation of beautiful worlds, distant, yet not beyound our reach.

ABV:  14%

Carrington Event

6th Edition

This edition, Carrington Event, explodes with hot cinnamon notes and leaves behind lingering bright spots of spice that last long into the next sip and beyond.

ABV:  14%

Bright Side of the Sun

5th Edition

This edition, Bright Side of the Sun, sets the palate aflame with zesty ginger, then radiates rich note of white chocolate, leaving the senses glowing. Step into the light.

ABV:  14%

L1 Gate

4th Edition

This edition, Lagrangian One Gate, mixes black raspberries with a special ten spice blend, creating flavors that will slingshot you to a higher orbit.

ABV:  14%

Dark Side of the Moon

3rd Edition

Dark Side of the Moon sets an uncharted course to fuse the exotic flavors and aromas of cacao and orange with a bold, mysteriously dark high-gravity sour ale. Who knows what beautiful secrets the shadows conceal?

ABV:  14%

Escape Velocity

2nd Edition

Escape Velocity, our new-fashioned spin on the fragrant Ethiopian libation Hashara, harnesses the essentials of coffee cherry (cascara), cinnamon, and ginger, and truly liberates the mind from the orbit of conventional contemplation.

ABV:  14.2%

Cape Canaveral

1st Edition

Cape Canaveral, our maiden excursion in the series, is a strong sour ale boasting an enviable cargo of papaya, with esters of grapefruit and pineapple from our tamed microflora.

ABV:  14%