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314 Action and D9 Brewing Company Announce Pi Day Beer, Proceeds to Benefit March for Our Lives

Pro-Science Advocacy Group and Science-Centric Brewery Dedicate Pi Day to Raising Awareness of Dickey Amendment

(Washington, D.C./Cornelius, NC) – Beer aficionados, science advocates and politicos will have a great reason to celebrate this Pi Day this year. Today, 314 Action, a pro-science advocacy nonprofit committed to getting scientists more involved in politics, and D9 Brewing Company, famous for “sciencing the shit” out of its beer, announced the 314 Action Ale, an American Ale brewed exclusively for this partnership.

Beer has long intersected both politics and science, and the 314 Action Ale is not only perfectly calibrated thanks to D9’s… (read more)

7 Breweries Know for High ABV Beers

Hopheads may insist that the only quest in the craft beer space race is to reach the highest-level International Bitterness Unit—without utterly destroying one’s palate. But, judging from the click bait that populates the interwebs, it ain’t about the hops. It’s about big-ass beers with sky-rocketing levels of alcohol. (read more)

D9 brewery

D9 Brewing is Sciencing the Sh!t Our of Beer

As anyone who’s taken a tour of a brewery can testify, brewing beer is as much a science as it is an art. It requires an understanding of how all the ingredients chemically interact—steeping the grains to extract flavor, boiling out the sugar from the malted barley to make the wort, fermenting the beer and letting the yeast do its chemical magic. But D9 Brewing has taken that science aspect to the extreme.

“We create distinctive crafted ales by sciencing the shit out of them,” says Andrew Durstewitz, D9’s CEO. (read more)

D9 Brewing to Expand Unique Wild Sour Distribution to Washington, D.C.

D9 Brewing Company is pleased to announce that the innovative award-winning brewery is partnering with Washington, D.C.-based Pekko Beer to distribute its brands to the Capital City. The Cornelius, North Carolina brewery will be launching this market by hosting tap takeover events throughout the city. (read more)

D9 brewery new taproom

D9 Brewing Co takes over an office park. Go inside their new taproom.

When D9 Brewing Co. found themselves literally boxed into a corner with their existing production space, they did what any other reasonable brewery in their situation would do: take over the entirety of their office park building in Cornelius.

Blame the taproom. Well, blame what’s left of the former taproom; a wall separating it from the brewhouse area is coming down, and rows of fermenters will soon live where patrons once sat and sipped. (read more)

Award-winning D9 Brewing Company expands

Earlier this month, D9 claimed the Great American Beer Festival’s most prestigious award for the Sour Beer Category. Now in its 13th year, the Denver, Colo., event is the premier U.S. beer festival and competition in the country, with the GABF awarding 286 medals to commercial breweries. (read more)

D9 brewery new taproom

D9 Brewing still growing after adding taproom

Durstewitz and his two business partners initially commercialized what he called their “professional hobby” by selling beer a couple days a week from a space next to Ass Clown Brewing Company on Bailey Road in Cornelius.

“We were just having fun and if it went belly up, we would have just laughed and walked away,” Durstewitz said. “But the beer was good, and people were getting excited about it and wanted us to do more and more.” (read more)

Local brewers win big at Great American Beer Festival

D9’s Scuppernong & Lily, the second installment in their Systema Natvræ series, bested 87 other entrants in the Experimental Beer category. Fermented with wild-harvested yeast and lactobacillus, expect “sweet brightness of the North Carolina grape” interwoven with “the light anise flavor of lily,” per D9.

It’s currently available on draft in their taproom, and in 4-packs of 12-oz bottles there and elsewhere around town. (read more)

D9 brewery beer and yoga

Charlotte Breweries Raise the Bar on Fitness

D9 Brewing Co.: For $10 each Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., D9 will host you inside the brewery with a yoga class and pint of your choice. Bring your mat and love of great beer. (read more)