While we initially missed the annual lottery, we are very excited to again represent North Carolina at the 10th Annual SAVOR – American Craft Beer Experience. This year we will be presenting editions from two of our rotating wild sour series, each fermented with a multitude of wild microflora from the D9 Labs. 5/11/17 – Updated with Chef Adam Dulye’s tasting notes.

  • Wild Things Series, 1st Edition – Pearedox
    • Wild Sour Ale brewed with Rice and Barley and finished with Bosc Pears and Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
    • Paired with blackberry pear crostada | lemon zest | yogurt
    • Tasting notes: “Slight hints of citrus and funk complement the pear. Use the yogurt to intensify flavors of both the bite and the beer”
  • Defying Gravity Series, 1st Edition – Cape Canaveral
    • Wild Sour Ale brewed with Papaya and fermented with four wild microflora across three distinct fermentations
    • Paired with lomo | apple butter | breadstick
    • Tasting notes: “The pear touches on the subtle spice and clean flavor of the lomo.  A combination of the apple butter and breadstick highlight the fruit notes and malt in the beer”

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