Fanatical Ales™

Year-Round Essentials

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Battle Hymn Black IPA (7.0%)

Perfected for over 7 years, we consider this to be the best Black IPA around. This isn’t an
IPA that just happens to be black, this is a full-blown roasty, toasty, malty Black IPA...this is
Battle Hymn.




Hakuna Matata Tropical IPA (6.5%)

Tropical IPA brewed using hops from the US, UK, Germany, Slovenia, and New Zealand. The result is a much more balanced, less bitter but more flavorful Dank-style IPA with hints of Mandarin Orange, Pineapple, Grapefruit, and Elderflower.



Swell Rider Tangerine Session IPA (5.1%)

A kickflip of an IPA, Swell Rider is made to be enjoyed relentlessly throughout the day. Splashed with tangerines and waves of pineapple, mango and stone fruit hops.

Ancient Sour Series

Viking Fraoch Scottish Sour (5.0%)

A raiding party to your senses, this Viking beer is meant to be enjoyed unapologetically. Sweet, floral and exploding with sour flavor, this ancient ale was created by the Vikings, claimed by the Scott's, lost to time and given rebirth by our brewers to share amongst the enlightened.


Ezekiel 25:17 Black Sour (5.0%)

A beautiful malty ale complimented by the sweetness of candi sugar, date molasses, and honey malt. This
succulent beer ends with a mouth puckering tart finish. I mean, come on! It's Dates & Honey...
this black sour is biblically good!


Whiskers on Kittens Blond Sour (5.5%)

Want all the sour you can handle without malt flavor getting in the way of all that puckery goodness? Then this blonde sour is for you. Sour is on the front end, back end, and middle to satisfy even the
starchiest pucker-heads out there. Oh yea. There are roses too!